Build Your Professional Music Brand
(In One Day)
Build-A-Brand Kit For Music Professionals: How to Package An Artist For Serious Brand Deals 
Build Your Professional Music Brand 
Build-A-Brand Kit For Music Professionals: How to Package An Artist For Serious Brand Deals 
Make brands love you and get paid. 
Understand which brand partnerships will work for you and your fans.Make brands love you and get paid. 
Legitimize your professional brand in order to collaborate effortlessly with companies. 
Purchase Master Music Branding and you will learn: 
What many artists, managers and producers fail to understand is that most businesses don't speak the same language as "culture". You do not need a large fanbase to get sponsorships. There are artists with big fanbases that have a hard time landing brand deals while some artists with virtually no fanbase collaborate with corporations regularly. It all comes down to being able to communicate your brand in a way that resonates with companies. 

Millions of dollars have been scored using this template for brand deals (both for indie and major artists). The only changes I have made was to prevent people from knowing which artists have used this, because I don’t have their permission to provide this to the world otherwise.
This template will give you a foundation for your professional creative brand without having to pay a brand consultant thousands of dollars. Don't leave your brand to chance!
Small Artists BIG DEALS
*Artists have gotten bigger since landing brand deals and are STILL relatively small. 
Quiñ ~Vans 
Kap G ~Axe Body Spray
Sik-K ~Vans 
Kelela ~Calvin Klein
Purchase the Build-A-Brand Kit now and here is what you can expect:
  • 7 Foolproof Steps To Build A Professional Music Brand Guide In One Day
  •  Templates that will help you build your brand instantly
  •  Questions that will help you customize the template to your personal brand
  •  Save money instead of paying thousands of dollars to a brand or PR consultant
  •  Build a full music branding package to held land sponsors or partnerships for music, tours and other collaborations
  •  BONUS: 30 minute video guide to customizing your own unique brand package
*If you're a manager or have a label, you NEED to be able to do this for ALL of your artists. ​
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